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The nano.tracker is a very compact and light weight star tracker.
You can bring this tracker virtually anywhere and take "star scape" pictures easily.
Tracking mode
• You can choose a tracking mode from sidereal mode. sun mode, moon mode and High Speed 50x mode.
Easy to use
• You can take a picture of constellation and stars with ease.
• The nano.tracker has an easy to adjust polar alignment which utilizes a polar finder hole.
Amazing "nano" size
• Light weight and compact size allow you to bring it everywhere.
Manufactured by SIGHTRON JAPAN INC.


Tracking mode : Sidereal tracking, Moon tracking, Sun tracking,High speed 50x, 0.5x
Northern or Southern Hemisphere
Drive : Stepper motor
Wheel gear : Full-circle 50 tooth
Bearing : 2pcs
Maximum load capacity : 2.0kg
Polar finder hole : FOV 8.9 degree
Power source : 3x AA Alkaline batteries
Voltage : DC3.6~4.5V
Battery life : 5 hours (Alkaline batteries at 20 degree C in internal test)
Dimention : Tracker 60x98x44mm
Hand control 50x105x22mm (without the cable)
Weight : Tracker approx. 400g
Hand control approx. 80g (without batteries)
・Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

Kenko Tokina Imaging India Pvt. Ltd.
IBC, M-38/1, Middle Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110 001 INDIA